“The Night” by Frances Liebert

Frances Liebert (age 9)


The night was so quiet
The night was so still,
The fog crowded round me
And the old flour mill.
The cold brought back memories
Of the good and the bad,
Of roses and tear drops that I have once had.
The rain flooded down on me,
Wet me right through,
I looked round the area
No doves went ‘Coo coo,’
I thought it’d get better
But that it did not,
Because tomorrow,

from 2016 Rattle Young Poets Anthology

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Why do you like to write poetry?

Frances Liebert: “The reason I like to write poetry is tangling, mixing, fitting, and playing with words. Seeing what can go where and how to fit this in: that is my inspiration. In fact, I aim to be an author in the future. After writing and reading poetry, not always mine, I feel this sudden explosion of happiness. As well as writing my own poetry, I have fun writing with friends or just helping them find a rhyming word for their poem. Poetry is wonderful!”

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