“The Curious Case of the” by Kat La Mantia

Kat La Mantia


this part is heavy
the twist
take off the mask and
oh you meddling kids
it was the butler
the baker
the buyer
who wanted to sabotage
the house
for a lower price
i read nancy drew as a
yellow board-bearing child
and i always
skipped to the end
to see
to check
to make sure I did not
put my faith in someone

this part is heavy
to be duped
to think one thing and
find another
i don’t know how
this one ends

from Poets Respond
March 31, 2019


Kat La Mantia: “This week’s mystery: how a president who looks so guilty of colluding with Russia is somehow not guilty of colluding with Russia. We should have known. The guilty looking ones are always red herrings.”

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