“The Curious Adoptee” by Lynne Thompson

Lynne Thompson


I’d like to find her.
Compare notes.

Which of us got lucky?
I’d like to know

why? My parents
could have been

hers but something
fell through—as in

the rabbit hole,
as in next in line?

step up to somebody’s
game or the funny papers.

Or, nothing fell.
God just said

“oops.” He’s only
God, after all.

When it was said
& done, I was in

so she was out;
out of luck

or lucky?

from Rattle #52, Summer 2016
Tribute to Angelenos


Lynne Thompson: “I was born and raised and have lived most of my life in Los Angeles. I write poems that reflect the history of the city—what is discarded and what is kept and why. When the answers elude (as they always do), I write other poems that reflect the questions that haunt me—where I’ve come from, where I’m going, what I’ve lost along the way. When the answers elude, the ocean always consoles.” (web)

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