September 21, 2008

Review By Robert Neely

by Larry D. Thomas

Timberline Press.
6281 Red Bud, Fulton
Missouri, 65251
ISBN#: 978-0-944048-44-3
48 pp., $15.00

One of the hardest traits for a poet to find in his work is originality. Most must begin with not only something to compel the reader to continue, but to compel the reader to continue this particular collection over others. Larry D. Thomas provides just this in the subject of his recent collection, Fraternity of Oblivion. In Fraternity, Thomas features poetry on and about the outlaw biker, a subject he brings to light with both beauty and violence.

Thomas has not forgotten to start off with a hook. The first poem, “Rite,” opens the collection with a scene where an inductee biker must allow “his woman” to be shared with the brothers of the pack:

and their sheep-woman
rising from the dunes,
sown with the rich,
chapter seed
of blood brethren.

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