January 4, 2016

Rachael Briggs


Don’t ask my view of humankind, of God.
We’re eddies in the ocean mind of God.

I grin from yearbook pages, bright as pins
and primed to prick the fat behind of God.

O Holy Father, how can I revere you?
You suck the pulp and spit the rind of God.

Spices, rhinos, coffee-coloured bodies:
all dust beneath the awful grind of God.

I won!
Then she jujitsu-spun my head
and locked me in the double-bind of God.

It breaks my brickwork, howls through my walls,
the incoherent undefined of God.

Who scaled the spire of the abandoned church,
spray-painted All Is God, and signed off

from Rattle #50, Winter 2015


Rachael Briggs: “I grew up Roman Catholic in an interfaith marriage between a Catholic and a Jew, and now I think I’ll be an atheist forever. I know a lot of really wonderful Catholic people, like my dad, who is the kind of human being I’d like to be someday when I grow up. But the Catholic Church is a bad social institution: sexist, homophobic, covering up the abuse of little kids. I’m not always sure how to make my opinion of the institution and my opinion of the people add up to a coherent whole. (That also goes for a lot of institutions outside religion, including academia.)”

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June 9, 2013

Rachael Briggs


Stuart prepared to be uploaded
by the superintelligent robots
who would one day rule the world.
He taught himself decision theory,
wrote long tracts about its social benefits
in Esperanto.
As one of the most rational humans on the planet,
he expected to become a subroutine
in an important program:
the game-theoretic missile-defense system
or the hyper-logical central planning algorithm.

He was unprepared
when the slime molds took over.
They would not listen to reason.
You’re being emotional!
he screamed at the plasmoid
hungrily engulfing his arm.
He tried to scream again
in Esperanto
but the fruiting bodies had by this time
occluded his airway
so that it was becoming difficult to think.

from Rattle #38, Winter 2012
Tribute to Speculative Poetry

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