“Surveillance” by Craig Kurtz

Craig Kurtz


The internet is watching you,
and who else cares what you’re up to?
Your so-called friends, your would-be wife
are first to say, dude, get a life;
the neighbors once knew our affairs
but nowadays, nobody cares;
our parents once cared what we did
but that was then, so good luck, kid;
we once thought God watched over us
but He turned out oblivious;
the bands of social life went splat
and narcissism’s where it’s at;
nobody gives a rat’s rear end
unless you are their Facebook friend;
now, worry not of privacy,
you need it like virginity;
we heed not caution which just proves
we want someone to watch our moves;
we must sign up, log on, enlist—
without Google, we won’t exist;
the thought that someone’s watching us
means life is not anonymous;
surveillance bothers us not, since
it proves we have significance.

from Poets Respond
March 25, 2018


Craig Kurtz: “#DeleteFacebook would hurt too much.” (web)

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