“Saucer” by Jeanne Bryner

Jeanne Bryner, RN, BA, CEN


The blind cat drinks from me.

I am a circle inside another circle.

Where the stone hit I was born

and there will I also die

but not before making a little

clacking noise with my sister

and taking some heat. Someone

has to catch hell, small milky spills,

sweet brown drips.

It might as well be me

sitting quietly bearing coals

across my back.

I am what holds the brewed cup,

beauty to be broken, sighed over,

swept up and thrown away.

from Rattle #28, Winter 2007
Tribute to Nurses


Jeanne Bryner, RN, BA, CEN: “I like to wear aprons and hang sheets on the line to dry. The sun’s breath gets caught in the cotton flowers, however briefly. I was born in Appalachia, and once, I saw God do a magic trick with a veil of morning mist. My neighbor’s silo and barn were cut in half, and later they both stood up whole and unhurt.”

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