Received for Review in February

Once again, here’s how our review process works: If you’d like to review any of these books or literary journals (or any from the full list), let us know, and we’ll mail it to you. Write a review of at least 600 words, and if we publish it, we’ll also send you the forthcoming copy or any back issue of Rattle as payment. Free books and a free magazine, just for doing a bit of service to the good of poetry.

The list is long this month, so don’t hesitate to ask for several books at once.

To request any of these books, just write to:

New books in February:

* = chapbook
# = uncorrected proof (i.e., softcover
books w/o cover art; may be typos)

Literary Magazines:

  • Sycamore Review – 21.1
  • Beloit Poetry Journal – 59.3
  • Poetry – 2. 2009
  • The Chattahoochee Review – 28.4
  • The Carolina Quarterly – 59.1

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