#45 – Fall 2014




Poets of Faith

Conversation with
Chris Anderson


Rattle #45

Releasing this September, Rattle #45 features 41 Poets of Faith. As Kenny Williams writes in his contributor’s note, “To call yourself a ‘poet of faith’ is a dangerous move.” As Chris Anderson says, confessing that faith includes doubt is a cliché: “The hard thing both personally and creatively is to profess what we believe, and that we do believe.” But these poets do the hard thing in poem after poem, exploring the world openly and honestly through the lenses of their various faith traditions.

In the conversations section, Alan Fox discusses poetry and faith in an inspiring interview with poet and Catholic deacon Chris Anderson.


Poets of Faith

Audio Available Leslie Marie Aguilar Bathtub Baptism
Audio Available Chris Anderson Blessing
Audio Available Doug Paul Case Love Letter to Argenta Perón
Audio Available Leila Chatti 14, Sunday School, 3 Days Late
Michael Cirelli Dua for Dervishes
Audio Available Peter Cooley Recursives
Audio Available Maryann Corbett Apophatic
Audio Available Carol V. Davis What Is Faith, After All?
Audio Available Todd Davis Transfiguration of the Beekeeper’s …
Jaclyn Dwyer Ode to Bobs, Breasts, and Beauty
Audio Available Phillip T. Egelston Little Eucharist
Ted Eisenberg Signs and Wonders
Albert Haley Little Angel
Red Hawk The Transformation
Audio Available David James I Find It Difficult to Talk to …
Audio Available Mark Jarman At the Communion Rail
John Philip Johnson There Have Come Soft Rains
Richard Leach Ten Facts About the Towers
Audio Available Moira Linehan The Way a Psalm Can Begin
Audio Available Celeste Lipkes Two Small Fish
 Audio Available Peter E. Murphy Grand Fugue
Steve Myers Desert Cell
Dan Nemes Love Poem
 Audio Available Hannah Faith Notess Water Under World
 Audio Available Kate Peper Saved
 Audio Available Julie Price Pinkerton What Is My Life About?
 Audio Available Haya Pomrenze A Beautiful Town
Christine Potter Save the Human Race
 Audio Available David Radavich Canticle
 Audio Available Rita Mae Reese On the Problems of Empathy
 Audio Available Scott Corbet Riley Lennon Lyric
Marilyn Robertson Belief
Aisha Sharif Why I Can Dance Down a Soul-Train Line
Tim Sherry Dish Team at Church Camp
Roz Spafford Credo
Richard Spilman For Jeff, on the Anniversary of His Death
Colette Tennant Stardust
Laurie Uttich Sometimes Peter, But Never Paul
Sherrill Vore NPR Reports
Linda Whittenberg Escape
Kenny Williams Rosemary Lamb


Chris Anderson


Judy Keown