2021 Rattle Poetry Prize Winners

We’re pleased to announce the following $15,000 Rattle Poetry Prize winner:

Ann Giard-Chase

Now retired, Ann Giard-Chase worked as an HR director in New York State. Prior poetic accomplishments include being shortlisted for The Bridport Prize 2020 International Creative Writing Competition, the 2017 Bridport Poetry Prize, and the 2015 Montreal International Poetry Prize; publication in the 2015 Global Poetry Anthology; and runner-up for the 2015 Paumanok Poetry Award, as well as publication in various poetry journals. Current endeavors include a collection of poems, The Stone Boat.



After My Teenager Tries …
Elizabeth Johnston Ambrose

This Is How I Make My Money
Heather Bell

Do You Have Children?
Susan Browne

Follow Me
Rayon Lennon

Black Boys as Fireflies
Dayna Hodge Lynch

White Privilege Skydives …
Mary Meadows

The Internet of Things
Erin Murphy
~ Readers’ Choice Award Winner ~

Exodus: Gilliam Coal Camp …
L. Renée

Zella Rivas

My Father Transformed by Dying
Richard Westheimer


These eleven poems will published in issue #74 of Rattle. Each of the Finalists are also eligible for the $5,000 Readers’ Choice Award, selected by subscriber vote in February.

An additional 17 poems were selected for standard publication, and offered a space in the open section of a future issue. These poets have been notified individually about details, but they are: Danielle Carne, Cortney Esco, Stephanie Fallon, Tony Gloeggler, Karan Kapoor, David Kirby, Ron Koertge, Lance Larsen, Jessica Lee, Kat Lehmann, Miller Oberman, Felicity Sheehy, Melanie Tafejian, Cindy Veach, Richard Westheimer, and Jeanne Yu.

Thank you to everyone who participated in the competition, which would not have been a success without your diverse and inspiring poems. We received 4,152 entries, and it was an honor to read every one of them.