2007 Rattle Poetry Prize Winner

Albert Haley
Abilene, TX

In his poem “Barcelona,” 2007 Rattle Poetry Prize winner Albert Haley examines brief love—something more than infatuation—and the impossible magic of what never was. The style is deceptively simple, but Haley renders a world of nostalgia so rich that the experience becomes universal. The poem operates holistically, as an engulfing incantation that at once revives the wistfulness of youth, and laments the delicacy of human relationships. For these reasons and others, we are proud to introduce “Barcelona””as winner of the second annual Rattle Poetry Prize.

Honorable Mentions


Chris Anderson
Corvalis, OR
Living the Chemical Life

Devika Brandt
Occidental, CA
What My Parents Want

Debra Marquart
Ames, IA

Glenn Morazzini
Cumberland, ME
Ars Poetica Harmonica

Gretchen Steele Pratt
W. Lafayette, IN

Brian Satrom
Minneapolis, MN
Corner Store

Alison Townsend
Stoughton, WI

Jay Udall
Reno, NV
Of Unity and Wholeness

Nathaniel Whittemore
La Habra, CA
You Never Know When…

Maya Jewell Zeller
Spokane, WA