“Poem for a Blue Page” by Natasha Rao

Natasha Rao


Tonight I am remembering
the Krishna-skin
skies of summer
& the way your laugh
made a jacaranda tree bloom.
We slept in sheets the color of sea glass &
I woke with the taste of salt
in my mouth.
Happiness is devastating
in the past tense.
I lay these memories, like a fish,
on the cutting board.
Slice them open &
the deepest blue
spills onto this poem.

from Rattle #61, Fall 2018
Tribute to First Publication


Natasha Rao: “I often find myself fixated on the ephemeral quality of both the human sphere and the natural world. As such, many of my poems deal with the passage of time and the inevitability of endings. I love the way poetry allows me to revisit moments from the past, colorize what is sepia-tinted, and imbue even the most ordinary memory with a kind of magic.”

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