“Peeing After the Movie” by Christopher Goodrich

Christopher Goodrich


Even if the film was everything
you wanted—the slow, awkward,
man-child admitting to love,
the three sisters realizing
what they must accomplish
before midnight—this is still
the most satisfying scene, half-running
to the john through the awakening dark,
trying to hold yourself in, trying
hard to be dignified, then, once
the line in front of you has passed,
dropping your pants, feeling
the world wrap its forgiveness,
once again, around you.
What an ending—something only Hollywood
could produce: surrounded
by your fellow hedonists—
a community of the happiest strangers
you’ve ever had the privilege
to relieve yourself next to. See the white tile
shining, hear the echoing sounds
of satisfaction, the knowledge that
god is still possible, looking us in the eye,
reminding us what a little coca-cola
and brotherhood, once combined, can yield.

from Rattle #33, Summer 2010
Tribute to Humor

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