“Normal Haiku” by Kashiana Singh

Kashiana Singh



rare blue moon—
another ambulance
and blue lights


age, color, caste
no bar


tourist season—
an empty colosseum
of silent coffins


war zones—
a world-wide bunker
of chaos


shallow breaths—
grandma whispers
a final blessing


cancelled flights—
the godwit migrates
again this year


ocean waves—
the dip and rise
of economics

from Poets Respond
November 1, 2020


Kashiana Singh: “The haiku are in response to the heaviness of the pandemic, the tension of not being able to do anything. I have been writing these as my own imaginary epitaph submissions for those we have been losing, just my own selfish way to unburden. There are many many more of these I have written—I’m sharing seven that I selected which represent in my view our ability to be vulnerable in a normal way, not become used to the new normal. The trigger point to writing this was an article about an essential worker who went into refrigerators and vans to place yellow flowers she bought on unknown dead bodies just to be able to do something ‘normal’ for them. But she really did it for herself.” (web)

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