“Nipa-Pon” by Amy Miller

Amy Miller


I found myself nearly calling him
the other night when my car
had lost its senses, seven hours
in the shop and still not true
to its simple self.

I could see us sitting in Nipa-Pon
with cups of tea to our noses,
the young restaurant owner
cautious and inquiring
with an eyebrow, why so long?

Sometimes it’s the suppers
I miss, a man of too much soup
and a familiar fork with noodles,
the way you held the money gently
before giving it all away.

from Rattle #15, Summer 2001


Amy Miller: “For me, poetry is a way of saving snapshots in a life of uncertainty. It helps me remember the things I saw along the side of the road, even when they were going by awfully fast.” (web)

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