“Night Visitor” by Joyce La Mers

Joyce La Mers


We’ve seen you scurrying
through light spill on our deck,
bunched over tiny claws,
tail bare and dragging.
You’re there and gone
quicker than belief.
“A possum?” we ask each other,
shake our heads.

Last night you stopped,
looked in to where moon faces
glowed from dim TV.
Our eyes locked for one instant,
yours deep and luminous
as starlight in a well:
eternal victim eyes, unguarded
like those we sometimes see
in mirrors.

from Rattle #26, Winter 2006
Tribute to the Greatest Generation


Joyce La Mers: “I have considered myself a professional poet since I was seven, though forced by circumstance to take many day jobs along the way. I will not list these jobs. I have written a lot of light verse. I have ten great-grandchildren. I write poetry because it’s a way of exploring my world, a curious place.”

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