“My Fish Story” by Cody Dane

Cody Dane (age 7)


We went to a river, my dad and I,
there were bumps on the way.
First I caught a carp
with a marshmallow.
Then it stole my line and went swimming away.
My dad caught him again.
It was the same carp.
I know, because it had my hook in its mouth.
We don’t eat carp,
so I put it back.
It was super big.
Then I caught a trout.
We took the bones out of it …
and my dad ate it.
I didn’t try it, because
I didn’t feel like trying it.
We walked down a trail,
and I saw horse poop.
Horses poop where they want to poop.

from 2016 Rattle Young Poets Anthology


Why do you like to write poetry?

Cody Dane: “I like to write poetry because poetry takes my mind off of school work. I like to write poetry because I can put any words that I want into it. I also like to write about things I do every day.”

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