“Miracles” by Kashiana Singh

Kashiana Singh


planting seeds—
a departing squirrel 
a cardinal circles 
every day I miss 
your scent 
new moon—
making a wish
on falling stars 
nearly spring— 
nature’s music  
on repeat 
crickets chatter … 
in typewriter sounds 
I show up
first light—
the reluctance 
to be born

from Rattle #73, Fall 2021
Tribute to Indian Poets


Kashiana Singh: “I am a fusion of all my sensibilities and geographies. The language and words I bring into my poems come from all the places that I have directly and indirectly been influenced by and are inherent to my poetic refrain. I say that my poems help me continually focus and refocus towards a center of gravity. I cannot ignore my skin color, my accent, nor my Indian descent, and I think of all of these as enablers to my poetic output. I bring to my writing table a larger canvas and a broader range of perspectives and some days that is an advantage and other days a burden but never something I can ignore. I think Ada Limón said it best in one of her interviews that we are like a ‘collage.’ That is how I think of my poetry.” (web)

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