“Love Letter to Posco (Shiri)” by Bob Branaman

Bob Branaman


The way you Smile and jump
And Your HAIR!
One could get lost in the black flowing midnight
Filled with curling stars, your hair
Endless flowing blue-black river of lava soft as scented hummingbirds’ wings.
Your fiery eyes like the Minean maidens
On Greek vases
Alive sparkling pools of mysterious Secrets.
I Love
The way you walk
And Hop and Skip
And sometimes give
A kung fu kick
Of your lips I’m afraid to talk
Lest you think I just want to kiss them
Bright quivering enigmas
Made of pink Carmine Flower Petals like a
Soft changing Dawn.
Your smile
Like the brilliant gold sun coming out
And your spirit (that thing within you)
Is like a freewheeling whirlwind of beauty
A tornado of holy energy
Spinning unnamable and Glorious!
These are some small attempts
At reasons of why “you are Loved by me.”
My meditation book suggests we write more and more love letters
That we sleep with them. That we write them on sheets with
Colored markers, etc, etc.
Well, this is the first love letter I’ve written in years and I hope
I will write More
We need love letters for everyone to run on and on like a beautiful brook
Or river bubbling and singing through our lives and dreams
Forever moving like a

from Rattle #15, Summer 2001
Tribute to the Underground Press


Bob Branaman: “I believe love is the only thing that matters.”

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