“Little Eucharist” by Phillip T. Egelston

Phillip T. Egelston


Shortbread, blackberry wine
are, to my mind, fine and
not unlike the Body and
Blood of Christ received
on any bright morning 
steeped in sunshine and in sin,
just before the joy busts in.

from Rattle #45, Fall 2014
Tribute to Poets of Faith


Phillip T. Egelston: “As a very young boy growing up in a small town, I found that I was drawn to certain members of the church who seemed to exude something like a ‘force field’ of peace. Their simplicity and grace amounted to more than any elements of doctrine which I, as a child, would not have understood anyway. In the creating of poetry, I do not always write from a strictly faith-based Christian point of view, but transcendence is always of major importance to me in a way that is more personal than abstract.”

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