“Kindness of Strangers” by Michael Shorb

Michael Shorb


Millions of people
I don’t know
Love and care for me.
I can’t turn my computer on
Without being reminded
Of their concerns.
A big shot in Nigeria
Picks me from over 200 million
Americans to share his
Uncle’s fortune and I win
The UK and European lotteries
On the same day.
There are a few details.
Many people are concerned
About the size of my penis.
My inadequacy seems to be
All over cyberspace. I get
The taunting:
          “Did nature give you a big dick?”
Along with promises to
                    “Grow my man sausage by
                              Three to five inches.”
I only need to send them money.
Speaking of money, there are
A thousand plans to help
Me become a millionaire
Effortlessly, sitting in my pajamas
Drinking coffee or on the deck
Of my new tropical home
Sipping rum and fruit juice.
I don’t have to do a thing.
Sign a check and look in
The mail box once a day.
And I can meet a Russian bride
Or a Christian single,
Someone who will be happy to hook up
With a millionaire with a large member
With nothing to do but
Drink all day
And count his money.

from Rattle #27, Winter 2007

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