“In Eek” by M.L. Liebler

M.L. Liebler


All alone in Eek,
Alaska, I am no more
Than a short breeze from
The Bering Sea
Coastline packed full
With walrus’ tusks, seal’s fur,
And fresh whale oil.

Here I sit watching
Nothing at all except
For the endless swirling snow
Falling across the horizon-less tundra.

Life is hard
Here in Eek; no work,
No money, and all
The time in the world
To sit and think about nothing.

from Rattle #17, Summer 2002


M.L. Liebler: “I can still see what is good about this world and the important work we as artists have to do to bring this world community back together. Let us rejoice and be glad for poetry and love.” (web)

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