“In Dis Newfangled Oz” by Joe Balaz

Joe Balaz


Da candidate’s hair
looked like da tail fins of wun ’57 Chevy

as he orated his position
wit tinsel and tingle

promising to improve everyting

including da empty refrigerator
to da kitchen sink.

Born wit wun king size
silver spoon in his mouth

and wun golden parachute
before he even got on da plane

da advantages of family wealth
endowed him wit wun cushy platform.

his message of opportunity foa all

wuz being swallowed down whole.

It’s all about class
and levels of influence

dat truly shapes da strategy

behind da big green curtain
in dis newfangled Oz.

Da wizard at da controls of da machine
wit his peripheral eyes on da status quo

has every intention
to keep da rich and powerful on top

while many below
are being compressed like coal

to feed da burning furnaces.

It’s only wun campaign wish
dat he would cater to da totem rather den da tower

and take da time to really see
all da faces beneath da penthouse view.

Poets Respond
September 18, 2016


Joe Balaz: “Earlier in my writing endeavors I had written a poem for a conference in Honolulu on Pidgin (Hawai’i Creole English) called ‘Da History of Pigeon.’ One of the people in the audience was a professor and writer from the United Kingdom. She contacted me later to acquire permission to publish the poem in her new book which dealt with different kinds of Creole languages. The book was eventually published in London, England. The unexpected reach and impact of poetry always fascinates me. This Hawaiian Island Pidgin poem relates to the intriguing campaign for the presidency of the United States of America. It uses satire to focus on one of the candidates that has presented himself as an outsider and agent of change.”

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