#73 – Fall 2021

Indian Poets

Conversation with
Tishani Doshi

Rattle #73 cover, purple and blue abstract painting of a horse-shaped goddessThe Fall 2021 issue features a tribute to Indian Poets. The world’s largest democracy is also the second-largest English-speaking population. We explore the state of contemporary poetry in India, featuring 16 Indian poets and a profound conversation with Forward Prize-winner Tishani Doshi. The issue also includes both cover art and a brilliant sestina by Shreya Vikram, a young poet who debuted in this year’s RYPA anthology.

The open section is full of familiar names and new faces, including two past Rattle Poetry Prize winners in Joseph Fasano and Alison Townsend, plus Jason Olsen’s long footnoted look at the celebrity apology.



Indian Poets

Audio Available Ankur The Long Sleep
Tishani Doshi Rotten Grief
The Comeback of Speedos
Amlanjyoti Goswami A New Bapu
Kinshuk Gupta Crying Boys
Jinendra Jain Those Days
Zilka Joseph Gourami Fish Tale 
Kuhu Joshi The Valley of Headstones
Pankaj Khemka Traffic Stop
Srinivas Mandavilli Rain
Sophia Naz One Thing Happens
Kalpana Pandey Hymn for the Damned
Ajay Sawant Grassland
Kashiana Singh Miracles
Tejas #359, Ganga Hostel
Shreya Vikram Sestina About the Color of a Missing Umbrella 
Pragya Vishnoi She Had Some Sisters

Open Poetry

Sean Cho Ayres When I Ask You to Tell Me What I Did Last Night
Brendan Constantine A Tour de Force
Angela Decker We See You
Dante Di Stefano The Day 
Joseph Fasano Joe Arridy
Tony Gloeggler Aftermath
Mark Jarman Good for the Soul 
Salome Kokoladze How We All Fall
Marianne Kunkel Reverence
A.D. Lauren-Abunassar Abandoned Sestina
Taylor Mali Horrible at Names 
Making Sense of the World
Michael Mark First Date
David Mason A Pestilence
Jason Olsen If Anyone Was Offended …
Grant Quackenbush The Last Poem I’ll Ever Write
Stephanie Rogers Fat Girl Trilonnet
Marjorie Saiser This Is What Life Does
Michael Spence Glad
Sasha Stiles Teleporting to the Motherland
Alison Townsend Burritos in Wisconsin


Tishani Doshi (web)

Cover Art

Shreya Vikram