“I Travel Through the Moon” by Josephine Miner

Josephine Miner (age 5)


as sung to her mother

Yes I go through the places
I go see out into the dark side
I travel through the moon

After I travel through the moon
I go through a tree
And I get stuck and just jump out
I’m not afraid

Then I go through the bushes
And see my house
Where I belong

And after I go through my home
I go into it and say hi 
And see my family’s heart

Then I go through the jungle
And get inspired by something scary
I say I won’t hurt you
I’ll be nice to you and stuff

After that I will just go through over the earth
And I’ll fly over space
And I’ll just go right into God’s heart
Into the fire  

Then I’ll see my friend 
And then I’ll see my past

And so I travel through the moon
And I never see my destination again
And then I take a right step
For everything I know
And take One. More. Trip. Through the moon. 

from 2021 Rattle Young Poets Anthology


Why do you like to write poetry?

Josephine Miner: “I like writing songs because it makes me happy and joyful. I like the movement they make you want to do. You can turn anything into a song.”

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