“Haiku Sequence” by John Samuel Tieman & Walter Bargen

John Samuel Tieman & Walter Bargen



once my father drew
the face of the moon before
he got drunk and left

To point at the moon
Is to point the moon
Right here.

* *

I throw a raisin
to a mockingbird hungry
belly yellow eyes

This withered drop of sun
So dark at noon
And so tasty.

* *

a scrap of my past
an old postcard from somewhere
I forgot to stamp

Forty years found
In a postcard whose lake and trees
Rested between pages 26 and 27.

* *

a single snowflake
I do my best to save it
I melt anyway

It is an epaulet, a promotion,
A star to be shouldered
The general command of snow.

* *

in a parking lot
I spot an acorn falling
from nowhere at all

The pale blue flower
Grows in the crack
Ready to move concrete.

from Rattle #47, Spring 2015
Tribute to Japanese Forms

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John Samuel Tieman & Walter Bargen: “We met when we served on the Missouri Arts Council. A few years ago, through email we began to exchange these short poems, these poems and many more, a project that now is a book-length collection.” (website)

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