“Figure Me Not” by Jessica Friedman

Jessica Friedman (grade 7)


Figure me not. I don’t know how you got swept
away in the sea of Gone. My heart is frozen
deep in the icy pond called Loneliness.
As I try fishing for it the pond grows larger
as you become farther away.
You have gone to the cloud filled Heaven and
have left me for Time to come.
I see your happy face in the
of birds’ wings against the bright blue
just as you left it.
I hear your voice
softly against the window
of my room, like melodies cradling
the glass.
For Time Eternity
I won’t see you
it is my time to go.
Stars I see at night
and sun at day
but not
I touch the silky shawl
much like your face with laughter.
I travel
and still don’t see
I cannot see
until my time
so don’t figure me.
Figure Me Not.

from Rattle #9, Summer 1998
Tribute to Children

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