“Fat Girl Trilonnet” by Stephanie Rogers

Stephanie Rogers


                                   All the stars go down and I
lie on my back in the yard watching 
                     the light dimming, hearing the break

                 of branches, of leaves sweeping as eyes
search the black, insects calling, 
                                 listening to the swirling lake

                                 where frogs go operatic-like
and my body croons along, catching 
                               itself. Tell me what I can take

away from this forgetting, why 
I overlook my body, latching 
                      onto the blues the nighttime makes,

how I avoid the light, my past, 
                                 and disappear into the grass.

from Rattle #73, Fall 2021


Stephanie Rogers: “‘Fat Girl Trilonnet’ appears in my new book Fat Girl Forms, which explores how it feels to move one’s body in a world not built to hold it; the way society humiliates fat people who don’t conform to conventional standards of beauty; the constant ‘concern’ for the health of fat people, as well as the personal challenges fat women face in both forging romantic relationships and maintaining familial ties in the face of contempt about our bodies. I chose to write the book in form because writing in form sometimes feels like trying to squeeze a fat body into an airplane seat.” (web)

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