e.10 – Spring 2011

Gulping Grasshoppers, Eh?


Rattle e.11Rattle e.10 released in early March 2011, foreshadowing our tribute to Canadian Poets that summer with a book feature of Pith and Wry, an anthology of modern Canadian poetry. We interviewed the anthology’s editor, Susan McMaster, and featured six poems from the book. Add to that seven poems from the issue #35 preview, and that’s a lot of verse from up north. Also in the issue, Colin Ward makes a case for the superiority of online workshops, and presents some of the best “pixel poets,” as he calls them, including the mysterious D.P. Kristalo, and the electric M.A. Griffiths. Maryann Corbett reviews the latter’s posthumous collected works, Grasshopper. And in his visual poetry column, Dan Waber introduces us to the installation poems of Ward Tietz. Artwork throughout by Louis Phillips

Click the cover or here for the free download (1.2 MB pdf)