“Domestic Violence” by Olivia Bourke

Olivia Bourke (age 11)


The rain drips from the sky
The wind blows its favourite tune
The woman cries to the drops of the rain
The man is frozen from guilt

The clouds cover the sun with their bare hands
The deep blue sky lies silent and still
The woman cries to herself, clouds listening
The man shouts at the deep blue sky

The stars turn on their lights
The moon shines its favourite colour
The woman scurries out with the moon on her tail
The man calls out from under the stars

The sun shares its peace and happiness
The trees sway in the pretty sunlight
The woman laughs, she’s found her peace
The man, depressed, will always be guilty

from 2019 Rattle Young Poets Anthology


Why do you like to write poetry?

Olivia Bourke: “I love poetry because of how different it is from persuasive texts and narrative writing. Poetry has always come naturally to me and to me it’s a creative way of expressing my feelings.”

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