“Dolphin Legend of the World Before” by Janice D. Soderling

Janice D. Soderling


In the world that was before ours,
In the warring age of walkers,
There were many wondrous weapons
But the boom-boom was the greatest.

Many walker lands had boom-booms,
The most powerful kind of kill-kills.
It could out-boom other kill-kills.
It could melt their eyes to jelly.

When the first boom-boom exploded,
It was for the great god True Man
And his people were the greatest
And his people ruled our seas.

They had many wondrous engines
That held voices in flat boxes,
Handsome captive heads in boxes
To praise boom-boom and make rain.

Other countries had the boom-boom,
And still others wanted boom-booms
But they feared the True Man people
But they feared their nation-building.

Fearless was the droll god Put In
Who rode stallions through the desert,
Wrestled wild bears in the forest,
Who could disappear at will.

Mighty Put In god said, “Got it.
I got boom-boom-boom. I got it.
I will Put In it your walk land.
Hear my thunder, True Man people.

First one thing and then another
As the heads escaped their boxes,
As the voices turned to silence,
As the walker lands all warred.

So the True Man era ended.
So all walker countries perished.
So the golden age of Dolphin.
So our thumbless golden age.

Poets Respond
March 22, 2015


Janice D. Soderling: “This poem is in response to the news revealed this week in a documentary that Putin was ready to put his nuclear forces on alert to deter possible intervention by Western powers in the Crimean takeover. Two references, one BBC and one the New York Times. This is particularly interesting because much of Europe is now waiting for his next step.”

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