“Divertimento” by Aaron Poochigian

Aaron Poochigian


There had been no attraction, no surprise
for fifty miles, just crows, Holsteins and stubble,
and now, atop the only local rise,
like an ungatherable

iron flower, this looky-here wind turbine.
Sure, it turns a hair-harassing day
to zaps that, routed eastward, power urban
transit, say,

or crab canneries further up the coast,
but in this yawner of a Bronze-age Now,
among the ruminants, what matters most
is just, like, freaking wow—

Bravissimo for the kinetic sculpture
dangling upward from a snag of earth
while juggling, with acquiescent rapture,
three arms’ worth

of gale-force wind. Oh yeah, I wanna be
that gleam with crazy feelers going round.
Thank you, Ohio, for reminding me
how Art should astound.

from Rattle #56, Summer 2017
Tribute to Poets with Mental Illness

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Aaron Poochigian: “I have lived with mental illness since high school, been institutionalized, undergone experimental treatments. My mental illness has affected my poetry primarily in that, given to periods of lethargy, I am especially grateful, as you will see, for the shock of revelation.” (website)

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