“A Starbucks Romance” by Robert Funge

Robert Funge


She asked if I was in line and I said
I’m always in line for something but
I never know what it is and she said

nothing for what seemed like seconds
and then replied That’s way too deep
before my coffee and I said Ask me

something after we’ve had our coffee
and she said Whatever would I ask
and I said Ask me what my plans are

for Saturday night as we inched along
and she said I like movies I saw Unfaithful
last week and it didn’t have

a happy ending which made it more
realistic and we got our double lattes
and found two corner seats and I said

I saw Y Tu Mama Tambien but the sex
didn’t seem real and she said Movies
never get it right and we had another

double latte and talked awhile and
drove to her condo and lived happily
ever after what seemed like weeks

from Rattle #31, Summer 2009

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