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Maggie Nelson


Rattle #51

Rattle #51 features a lengthy tribute to 31 feminist poets, and a conversation with award-winning author of The Argonauts, Maggie Nelson. As always, we put out a call for submissions not knowing what we’d receive, then selected the most powerful sample from the thousands of poems that were shared. What does it mean to be a feminist poet in the 21st century? There might be as many answers to that question as there are feminist poets—each of those featured provide their perspectives in an especially important contributor notes section.

There’s so much great poetry in the feminist poets feature that we had to shrink our open section to fit it all in—but we still offer a dozen eclectic selections from our general submissions, including Rattle favorites like Francesca Bell, Billy Collins, and M, as well as new names we’ve never published before.

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Feminist Poets

 Audio Available  Lisa Baird  Vagus Nerve
 Audio Available  Michele Battiste  Boulder County, September 2012 …
 Roberta Beary  Five Haiku
 Heather Bell  While Trying to Write a Novel
 Audio Available  Claire Blotter  Rocking
 Audio Available  Leila Chatti  Morning
 Ann Clark  My Mother Comes Home Crying from GE
 Barbara Crooker  Women
 Denise Duhamel  Stairway to Heaven Sonnet
 & Maureen Seaton
 Julie R. Enszer  Pervert
 Alexis Pauline Gumbs  The C-Section
 Beth Gylys  Apron Strings
 Kelsey Hagarman  When I Say I Bruise Easily
 Sandra Kohler  After Easter
 Amy Miller  Channellock Pliers
 Abby E. Murray  Prayer on National Childfree Day
 Jenny Qi  Dissonance
 Jessy Randall  from The Baby Hygiene Series
 Laura Read  Flashdance
 Lucinda Roy  Machetes: Several
 Yaccaira Salvatierra  When Miguelito Should Have Been Sleeping
 Amber Shockley  Fun with Xerox
 Robin Silbergleid  Malignant
 Julie Steiner  Women Only Write About Themselves
 Lisa Summe  On Coming Home
 Katherine Barrett Swett  Dust
 Kelly Grace Thomas  And the Women Said
 Amy Uyematsu  Zumba Gold at 9 AM
 Julie Marie Wade  I Would Rather Be Gay Than Straight …
 Sara Watson  To Choose Each Other Perpetually

Open Poetry

 Francesca Bell  When I Think About Cats
 George Bilgere  Boomers
 Taylor Collier  Post-Op
 Billy Collins  May Day
 Russell Colver  Lamb
 Rasaq Malik Gbolahan  How My Mother Spends Her Nights
 M  Late
 James B. Nicola  Have You Ever Woken
 Al Ortolani  Paper Birds Don’t Fly
 Christine Poreba  The Uncertainest Word
 William Trowbridge  Oldguy: Superhero—Associate
 Oldguy: Superhero—A Steady Hand


Maggie Nelson

Cover Art

Stacie Primeaux