“Rocket J. Squirrel Goes Alone …” by Amorak Huey

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Amorak Huey


Face it, our fairy tale fractured years ago,
found Bullwinkle in bed with Boris and Natasha—
some rabbits, once pulled, will not go back in hat.
Life begins where Saturday morning ends & we never saw

past sugar-spiked cereal commercials to the sour milk
of this expired desire. There’s a reason all those child stars
grow into blacktoothed dope fiends. Light a candle to the past,
these days we TiVo Intervention & fast-forward to the end,

bleep-bleep-bloop, feel instantly better, like looking in a mirror
only that damn moose has no reflection. Graceland falling down
around us, Neverland in foreclosure, this crumbling Camelot,

want just another word for fail. My species a lie, I cannot fly,
only glide against a fortunate & lonely wind: such gossamer heights—
such hectic sun—& the slow, inevitable melting of wax.

from Rattle #38, Winter 2012
Tribute to Speculative Poetry

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