“Rambunctious” by Savannah Alvarez

Savannah Alvarez (age 10)


Rambunctious is with me
Like literally inside me
I am going crazy and spinning in a tornado
With happy and fun
I hit my head on a tuba
I fill my bathtub with soda
Me and Rambunctious jump in
I make a clay bunny
Write my name on the wall
I play hopscotch with hula‐hoops
My ears shrink and I hear a ringing
I jump into a mirror
And ride my bike into a trash can
All this time I have Rambunctious inside me
I erase the board and write everything again
We climb a tree to the top
Then we jump off with a plop
I hit my head on the tuba again
And put some earmuffs on a bear
Then I walk outside and see a cloud
A cloud that is shaped like a cloud
And I stop

from 2014 Rattle Young Poets Anthology


Why do you like writing poetry?

Savannah Alvarez: “Because it lets me get my feeling out.”

6 thoughts on ““Rambunctious” by Savannah Alvarez

  1. “Then I walk outside and see a cloud / A cloud that is shaped like a cloud” – Wow, simply wow. What an amazing line. Kudos to the poet!

  2. Wonderful high spirits, great comic timing, great use of mood switch in the closure – what a giddy way to start the morning all the way down here in New Zealand. I wave my banner to Savannah! (That rhymes in a Kiwi accent, btw.)

  3. The word ‘literally’ in the second line of the poem should have been avoided by the poet,otherwise it is a very good poem.

    • I disagree about editing out the word ‘literally’ – it’s spontaneous, slangy, it suits the anarchic-yet-creative energy of the poem; ‘like literally’ gives us a little touch of alliteration, and the long ‘e’ sound at the end of the word chimes with ‘me'; and it also conveys how deeply physical this fizzing mood feels! There are other grammatical tweaks an editor could make to the poem (say, ‘Rambunctious and I’ instead of “Me and rambunctious”), but it would smooth it out to the point where we lost its very rambunctiousness., its child-like heel-clicking, high spinning hoop la.

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