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New Yorkers

Conversation with
Jan Heller Levi


Rattle #48

Releasing this June, Rattle #48 features the poetry of seventeen real New Yorkers, and a delightful conversation with Jan Heller Levi, recorded live in her Manhattan apartment. Nearly 9 million people call the five boroughs home, squeezing into a land area of just 305 square miles. How does life in such a unique locale enter into the poetry, and what do New Yorker poets have in common? We explore, in the smallest regional theme we’ve ever done.

New York City isn’t the half of it, though—the issue’s large open section also features another 24 poems from around the world.


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New Yorkers

 Ryan Black  Fragments of a Shooting Script
 Susana H. Case  Hold Me Like You’ll Never Let Me Go
 Bill Christophersen  Neighbor
 Coco de Casscza  At Jury Duty
 Kim Dower  I Wore This Dress Today for You, Mom,
 Tony Gloeggler  Pilgrimage
 Linda S. Gottlieb  Continuing Education
 Michele Lent Hirsch  But How Can You Name What …
 Jan Heller Levi  New Poems
 Arden Levine  Miss Jacklyn Analyzes Love
 Martin H. Levinson  Gilly Gilly Ossenfeffer Katzenellenbogen …
 Peter Marcus  And They’re Running
 Joan Murray  Our First Five Days in the Country
 Harry Newman  Offering
 Myra Shapiro  In a Room at the Marriott Marquis
 Katherine Barrett Swett  Central Park Zoo, 1970
 The Poe Cottage, 1992
 Marilynn Talal  After

Open Poetry

 Luke Bauerlein  1969
 Ace Boggess  Watching The Wizard of Oz in Prison
 David Bottoms  Rehab
 Dennis Caswell  Career Self-Assessment
 Meg Eden  Giving Birth
 Nausheen Eusuf  Selfie
 Joseph Fasano  Eros
 Richard Fenwick  In Diminuendo
 Fred Fox  Horsefly
 Bill Freedman  She Took Everything in the Room …
 Catherine Freeling  In the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit
 Don Kimball  Burial for a Stray
 Alison Luterman  One Among a Thousand …
 Kathleen McGookey  At the Playground
 Mary Meriam  Ars Poetica
 Scott Miles  I Dream I Dance with My Sister
 Donald Platt  Essential Tremor
 Sam Sax  Lorazepam
 Knud Sørensen  The Record of Conduct Book
 Wally Swist  Nautilus Shell
 Rob Talbert  Finality
 William Trowbridge  What Ever Happened to …?
 Keychain Peep Show
 Ken Wagner  To the Man About to Put the Lampshade …


Jan Heller Levi


John Protsman