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Rattle #46

Rattle #46 is another entirely open issue, and we’ve put together another eclectic mix that will make you laugh and sigh in equal measure. Steve Henn considers a colon cleanse, Ron Koertge plagiarizes a prose poem, and Tanya Ko touches you with her honesty. With cameos by Lana Del Rey, Oprah, and Robert Frost, you’ll never know what to expect from one poem to the next, other than that all of them are worth reading again.

The winter issue also features the 2014 Rattle Poetry Prize winner, Craig van Rooyen’s $5,000 poem “Waiting in Vain,” along with the ten finalists. And as always, subscribers may vote for the runner up.

In the conversations section, Timothy Green discusses poetry and life with the inspiring Maria Mazziotti Gillan.


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Open Poetry

 Michael Bazzett  The Everyday
 Heather Bell  I Have This Fantasy
 Cortney Lamar Charleston  A Brief History of Poetry
 Steven Dondlinger  Do Not Walk Outside This Area
 Megan Falley  Lana Del Rey Intervenes …
 Alan Fox  Howard’s Funeral
 Jackie Fox  Autobiography
 Hannah Gamble  Biscuit
 Edifying Just to See
 Tony Gloeggler  The Last Time I Used the N Word
 Jessica Goodfellow  Wakening
 Steve Henn  Slurry Cleanse
 Joel F. Johnson An Idea She Got from Oprah
Tanya Hyonhye Ko Dear Yeobo,
Ron Koertge Town Crier 
Q & A 
Greg Kosmicki Saturday Morning 6-22-2013 
Len Krisak Alimentum
Rebecca Lehmann Godfather Death
Christopher McCurry The Man Who Was Thursday
Amy Miller A Lullaby
Matt Muth Lesbians or Exchange Students
James Proffitt A Six-Box & Dried Legumes
Charles Rafferty The Reductionist
Mather Schneider The Roofers
Jesse Valentine Divorce and Astronauts
Maceo J. Whitaker The Robert Frost Kickball Club

Poetry Prize Winner

Craig van Rooyen Waiting in Vain


Josh Bontrager My Father Worked Piece-Rate …
Samantha Deal Taxonomy of an Automobile …
Courtney Kampa Poems About Grace
Stephen Kampa How to Meet the Love …
James Davis May The Reality Auction
Jack Powers Holy Shitballs!
Sarah Pemberton Strong A Story
Wendy Videlock The Night Relies
Mike White Fathers
Shangrila Willy The Nightly Villanelle …


Maria Mazziotti Gillan

Cover Art

James Bernal