“Précis” by Alejandro Escudé

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Alejandro Escudé


A grasshopper landed
on my windshield as I drove

Friday afternoon,
like picking up a hitchhiker,

chameleon green,
undeterred by speed.

He cleansed his ends
like a cat as I drove,

I parked so he could saunter
to my roof and fly off.

Afterward, I picked up
my little boy at a park

where I watched him play
with older kids;

one girl held his hand
as they ran

playing an easy game
of hide-and-go-seek

seeing me he sat
and began to cry,

the girl sat with him
and stroked his hair.

Then I carried him to the car.

from Rattle #37, Summer 2012

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3 thoughts on ““Précis” by Alejandro Escudé

  1. A précis of a précis

    A grasshopper landed
    on my windshield.

    Chameleon green,
    undeterred by speed

    he cleansed his ends
    like a cat.

    I parked for him
    to saunter and fly off.

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