“Look at Us Living” by Megan Moriarty

Megan Moriarty


Through the binoculars, we saw us
moving through the foliage.

The world was on rewind:
a herd of horses ran
backwards across a field.

Yellow leaves kept climbing back
to their branches.

“What’s the opposite of fall?” I said,
and he said “Spring.”

Then it was August, then July,
then June. The sun kept
leaving and coming back

like a boomerang that no one
ever had to throw.

Snow appeared
on the ground, then it started
unsnowing, the flakes
travelling upwards.

I knew that soon
we wouldn’t know each other

so I asked him
what the opposite
of stay is.

He stood there,
his hands on his hips, thinking.

from Rattle #35, Summer 2011

9 thoughts on ““Look at Us Living” by Megan Moriarty

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  2. The image and idea will “Rattle” about in my head and heart for a long time. Movies do this flashback a lot, but this extended, followable poem is so fresh. Thank you.

  3. This poem is a favorite for me, too–It does have a cinematic, time-lapse quality, as Pat commented–“attitude” also, reminds of recent films, with their hard-edge cleverness, “this-is-how-it-is” observations, coupled with a wistful quality–we all run “films” through our mind’s eye, backwards and forward, puzzling over sections of time, relationships through which we’ve lived–I,too,could read this poem again and again.

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