“Cleaning” by Katrina Outland

Katrina Outland CLEANING I almost laughed when I corrected without thinking the man on TV describing the proper way to slice open the body of a fish. Not, as he said, starting at the throat slicing down; it’s much easier, … Continue reading

from A Conversation with Peter Munro

from A CONVERSATION WITH PETER MUNRO Peter Munro was born in Fairbanks, Alaska, in 1957. He was raised in small fishing towns, including Sitka, Alaska, which left him permanently afflicted with a love of fishing. Currently, he lives near Seattle, … Continue reading

“Things That Happen” by Emmalee Hagarman

Emmalee Hagarman THINGS THAT HAPPEN “Tall people die sooner,” her aunt tells her. The girl is ten— she doesn’t know if it’s true. When her aunt puts a butter (not steak) knife beside his plate, her uncle knocks it off … Continue reading

“Life” by Caitlyn Wickham

Caitlyn Wickham (age 9) LIFE after Tomaz Salamun’s History Katie Grey is a unicorn. Katie Grey is an arrow plummeting through the forest. She gallops through the misty magical trees. We wish her luck. Maybe she is the life of … Continue reading

“Mummies” by Richard Hedderman

Richard Hedderman MUMMIES Milwaukee Public Museum When children ask if it’s frightening when they come alive, I tell them yes, of course it is, it’s absolutely terrifying, and believe me, you don’t want to be around when it happens, especially … Continue reading