“The Glance” by Jennifer Givhan

Jennifer Givhan THE GLANCE Through window through curtains wide through singing after shower through racial lines and statutory laws through landscape pebbles off the complex path through morning’s rituals before the sun could rise through glass pane while I dreamt … Continue reading

“On Access” by Victoria Kornick

Victoria Kornick ON ACCESS We’re meeting after school. My student is eleven, she’s eating cheese curls, her story is good. Really good, I tell her. We’re working on metaphor in class. One word contains a million images, I explain. When … Continue reading

“Signs” by Kai Carlson-Wee

Kai Carlson-Wee SIGNS Reading again how the bees are dying. The seals are dying. The sharks are making their way up the Western Coast, losing their sense of smell. The days are getting warmer still. The Williston oil rigs bleeding … Continue reading

“Electorate” by Leah Tieger

Leah Tieger ELECTORATE The owl calls to itself its single question. The answer has stray dog eyes. It says these men want to save us in their image, tells us this woman serves existing power, a necessary raincoat. There are … Continue reading

“So We Beat Them” by Ed Shacklee

Ed Shacklee SO WE BEAT THEM One limped a little, and another had a stammer, one was cross-eyed, swarthy, and employed atrocious grammar; so we beat them with a pipe, and then a club, and then a plier, bending them … Continue reading