“Politicians” by Rebecca Starks

Rebecca Starks POLITICIANS They rely on your forgetting. They forget themselves, or everything but. Around forever, always the same, but always distancing themselves from who they were. Like the first secretary of the regional party committee—responsible for not putting iodine … Continue reading

“To the Red Fire Monkey” by Jonel Abellanosa

Jonel Abellanosa TO THE RED FIRE MONKEY Ama*, papa’s mom who loved me more than anyone, Blamed the year I was born—1968—her ethnic Chinese biases answering why unruliness ruled our home. Disciplining me was possible when she’s not around, Every … Continue reading

“Bird” by Jennifer Jean

Jennifer Jean BIRD For survivors of abuse & trafficking residing at the Breaking Free safe house in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Rock Wren, Godwit, Bobolink? What are we looking at? What’s beaked & broken free from a classic, iron bell cage? With … Continue reading